Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anybody still read this?

I haven't posted anything, nor have I visited this blog, in over a year. My Oh My, there was alot of spam...but I hopefully got that all cleaned up!
I was just wondering if anyone visits this website anymore? I am now on facebook and have found that to be a great way to keep updated with others...and for others to keep updated with me. Please let me know if you would like to receive occasional updates on this blog and I will do my best to keep posting.
God Bless!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Trip to downtown Portland for Grandma Alexander's birthday!

Margaret and Mikaela (the only granddaughters out of 8) and Spencer (the tallest grandson)!

Afternoon at the movies!

Grandma and Margy!

Grandma and Spencer

Grandma and Mikaela

Margaret, Marian and Mikaela...all M's!

Gotta have at least one goofy Alexander photo!

Birthday cake at Macaroni Grill...the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010








Happy New Year, Friends and Family! The motivation for my post tonight is totally for my mother-in-law, Marian, and I know others will appreciate the update and pictures as well. I have recently become a "face-booker" and I forget that many of you faithful "bloggers" are not and I want to keep you as updated and included as much as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thanksgiving was a festive time here at our house. Spencer and Mikaela were home for the long weekend....and so were about 20 other Navlet family members! It was a wonderful time for the adults and the cousins to be together. I think it will become a yearly event!

Christmas was....different. I, personally, had a very difficult time right up until Christmas morning. It was our first Christmas at home since Bruce's passing (last year we got out of town and went to Palm Desert-which was perfect) and even though it was painful this year, it was necessary. It was just me and the kids and our traditions....less one family member....and it ended up being a beautiful time-which was perfect! It truly is amazing how beauty often comes from we walk in obedience, have a heart of hope and trust and keep on living.

We are in a New Year and look forward to many new things....what they are, who knows....but we look forward all the same! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas time together. I do hope they give you a little peek into our family...and I hope they give you they have us!

God Bless and Happy New Year!







Monday, October 19, 2009


I just had to post something to the blog. I have not visited this site for many months....and I am not sure anyone else does. A friend did not know about Bruce until earlier this month and I just gave him the blog website....thus my visit tonight. It was hard, but good, to look through it a bit.

It seems so long ago....yet, so much like yesterday....when I look at some of the pictures and read the entries. I know this blog is an amazing gift to's just a bit painful to "unwrap" and experience at times.

It is coming up on 18 months since Bruce died....hard to imagine it's been that long. Life really does go on....a lot of it is a blur....most of it has been painful...God has been present through it all and all of it has been worth it!

We have lived on in Bruce's absence. His absence is felt daily but the memories of his presence and love here on earth is also felt daily. We, as a family, have so much to be grateful for and we try not to forget that.

Here is what the Alexander Family is up to..other than all of us almost over 6 feet!

SPENCER: A junior at George Fox University majoring in Cinema and Media communications and minoring in Theater. He is in a school performance this Nov and stays very busy with his academics and theater work. He will be 21 on January 24th (how did this happen?) and is a tall (6ft 5in) handsome, kind and considerate young man.

MIKAELA: A freshman at George Fox University (sticking close to her brother) majoring in Christian Ministries and loving college life! She is involved in middle school ministry and outreach to the homeless and enjoys inter-mural volleyball for fun. She is 19 and is a tall (6ft 4in) beautiful, compassionate young lady.

ISAAC: A sophomore at Corvallis High School. He is playing JV football as a tight end and outside linebacker (I think) and will compete in track again this spring in high jump, hurdles and javelin (I think)....hard to keep up with this kid! He is 15 and is a tall (6ft 4in and still growing) friendly, funny young man-in-the-making!

PEARCE: An 8th grader at Linus Pauling Middle School. This is his first year as a full time student-he was previously home schooled-and he is doing great! He loves anything and everything related to sports. He took a break from football this fall and is gearing up for basketball this winter....his true love! He is 13 and is a tall (5ft 11in and just starting his growth spurt) tender, cheerful teenager!

MB: The fog of "disbelief'" has lifted these past few months for me and the fog of "reality" has settled in pretty heavy. I am learning what it means to live as a widow and a single mom....and as a precious daughter of the KING! I love God and my children and that is the reason I continue to live and to love every day. Cancer killed my Bruce and I am determined to not let his cancer kill me or my children! I am choosing to live this year and not just survive....and in Christ...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Thanks to all of you who have loved us and prayed us on to keep living!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tuesday Marks One Year...

This is NOT Mary Beth writing. I contemplated hacking into this blog to leave a message about April 21st coming upon us. However, MBA gave me permission to post a note about the upcoming date of Bruce's passing. Divinely, MBA and I got to soak in the rays today, while watching the OSU softball game together. We caught up a bit, and as a result, I get to share with you some ways in which you can bless the Alexanders.

**All of you are invited to join Mary Beth and the Band of Brothers in the weight room at Corvallis High School Tuesday, April 21st, at 1 p.m.

**As we remember Bruce, what can you share about this past year with Mary Beth, Spencer, Mikaela, Isaac and Pearce, that will bless them and honor him? Feel free to reply on this blog, or email MaryBeth (, or send/drop off a note to the family (5938 SW Amberwood Avenue, Corvallis, OR 97333).

Loving the Alexanders with you,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, it's been awhile since my last post-it's been a busy couple months. I don't have much time-which is probably good-so here is a quick update:
**MB, Isaac and Pearce leave tomorrow, March 5th, to go visit Mikaela in Mexico..WOO-HOO! It is Family Weekend and we are soooo excited to see her. Here is her blog, again, for those of you interested in following her on her adventure:

**Spencer is unable to join us in Mexico (frown) because he is "starring" in a play at George Fox (smile, clap, cheer). It is an 18-century romantic comedy, The Triumph of Love, and he is THE love interest! (questionable brow furrow) Check out the website, tickets are still available, come have a night of fun, I'm sure you will not be disappointed....I don't know that for sure, but Spencer is should be fantabulous!!

**We have been hit hard this winter with all the flus and viruses going around. Isaac had influenza last month and Pearce currently has bronchitis, (thankfully he is well enough to travel) and we all shared a few other bugs in between these. The boys missed alot of their basketball season due to illness and that was a definite bummer for all of us. They didn't mind missing all those days of school, but their sports is another story!
**Isaac's freshman basketball team went UNDEFEATED this season: 20-0....AMAZING!!
**Pearce's 7th grade team finished 3rd and has their 1st playoff game tonight. Pearce is sick and their other 2 posts are out. This team always gives it their all and never gives up, so we will see!
**MB is back teaching at Timberhill Athletic Club and I am loving it. I'm hoping this will help me fit into some of my summer clothes....THIS summer! I am attending and helping with the Grief Share Workshop ( at my church, NWHills Community. I took this class last summer and it has been very helpful and encouraging to take it again. Some days-one breath at a time....most days-one moment at a time...all days-one day at a time!

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to do another load of laundry, run some errands, hoping not to yell at my kids too much as I'm frantically packing and trying to remember everything! May God Bless each one of you in whatever season of life you are in right now. Remember this always:

Trusting in a Good God,

Monday, January 12, 2009


It has been very difficult for me to update the blog this last month. Just the thought of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas without Bruce was very hard for me and everything surrounding those holidays reminded me of made the void so much bigger and the loss of him very painful. It took everything I had (and didn't have) to focus on the children and making it special for them during this Christmas break...the first without their Daddy....the first without my husband. This has been the toughest, most draining thing I have ever had to do and wasn't sure how-or if-I was going to make it. Not only did I make it, but WE made it....the Alexander Family....the A TEAM!

We were able to go to Palm Desert, CA for 11 days, Dec 23-Jan 3. Thankfully our flight was out of Eugene so the ice, snow and cancelled flights in Portland did not affect us! It was the best thing for us to get away and do something totally different over the Christmas/New Year Holiday....making new memories as our new "family of five". We stayed in a friend's vacation condo and much to our surprise, they had put up a tree, stocking hooks, a manger scene, mantle greenery, presents under the tree and numerous other things to help us feel warm, welcome and at home during this very unanticipated and unpredictable season. We were indeed blessed!

Our main agenda while there not have an agenda! We stayed up late, slept in (Pearce not so much), read tons of great books, played games, watched lots of football and old movies, went on golf cart rides, chased hot air balloons, swam in the pool, played sand volleyball, played hoops, threw the football around, hit a few tennis balls, the boys golfed, the girls got manicures and pedicures...basically, we all just hung out together and had plenty of down time in sunny and warm California. There were some tears, some laughs, alot of reminiscing and special opportunities for "new memory making" during our first Christmas without Bruce. The kids all verbalized on New Year's Day that it really made a difference to be away from home-it helped them to not miss Bruce so much....but, at the same time, they kinda felt bad for not being as sad as they thought they should/would be. They all thanked me for a fun vacation and a great Christmas.....just hearing those words was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for!

2008 is behind us and 2009 lies wide open before us. A few thoughts cross my mind as I ponder this:
~No matter what year it is, I can only live one day at a time, really one moment at a time...and that is exactly what I plan on doing.
~My pain did not suddenly disappear with the close of 2008, but I can hope for peace, joy and healing to replace some of it in 2009.
~2008 was a year of "survival". I want 2009 to be a year of "living".
~Bruce was with us in 2008 and even though he cannot be physically present with us in 2009, he will always be loved and NEVER forgotten!

Looking forward and upward with hope,

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Long time no hear, huh? I was reminded this week that I do not need to write a "long letter" each time and that a simple little "post card" entry will do. Whew, this will not only save me time and energy, but postage as well! :)
Life here is the same, busy and never dull. Spencer got braces last month, had his wisdom teeth pulled on Wed and spent a few days recovering here at home...I loved being "mom"! Isaac made the freshman basketball team 2 weeks ago, got a concussion last week and hopes to get back on the court sometime this week. Pearce made the Future Spartans 7th grade basketball team, has had a few minor injuries and looks forward to "hooping it up" soon. Mikaela comes home this Tuesday for a much needed 6 week break before going to Mexico on Jan 5th. You can get updated by going to her blog I (MB) am hanging in there ok. I am back subbing at Timberhill Athletic Club, getting ready to host Thanksgiving for 22 (with lots of help) and looking forward to having all my kids together at home! I have been missing Bruce tons lately, the reality of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas without him is very painful but am hoping to create new and wonderful memories with the kid. Uh-oh, no more room on the post card. Sending lots of love and I will write again soon.
MBA for the A Team!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, today marks 6 months since Bruce's passing into eternity. Isaac said, "It's been half a doesn't seem that long, this has been the fastest year." It is very surreal when we stop to think that it has been that long. Time does go by fast....yes, but it doesn't heal....only God can do that!
In many ways, it doesn't seem real that Bruce is the same time, it seems too real everyday we go through without him. We have good days, we have bad will be that way for a long time. We miss him so much, yet we are so thankful for the time we had with him and all the memories that can never be taken from us. We choose to live everyday, because Bruce would want us to and because God calls us to. It doesn't mean it's just means that we have divine strength and power to make it each day....and that gives us hope that we will make it another 6 months. day at a time!
Thank you to all who have helped us throughout this time-prayers, random acts of kindness, words of encouragement, hugs, timely notes and calls that have meant so much. We will continue to need these, especially now that reality is sinking in and becoming more....real.
A very special thanks to everyone who made the plaque dedication last week in the CHS weight room a possibility and such a special evening for us. (I will post more on that later.) What a "forever gift" to keep Bruce's legacy alive!

With much love and gratitude,
MBA and Kids!

Monday, October 20, 2008


This is what we've all been waiting for. She has her first post and will learn how to upload pictures soon....can't wait to see those!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wow, it's been almost a month since the last post....the reality of "so much to do and not enough time to do it". I really do try to live with the mindset of "one day at a time"....but the days seem to all come at one time! Anyone else feel that way?

The A TEAM has had some tough days: we seem to be having more "sad daddy days", the reality of our loss is hitting us in unexpected ways and at different levels and we are just trying to figure out how to live and learn through it all....this has been very exhausting.
At the same time, the A TEAM has had somewhat normal days: doing what we do because we have to, making sure we do things because we like to, keeping all things in balance because we need to and spending as much time together because we get to......this has also been very exhausting.

I know this is a vague update, but that's all I have time for right "have to" list is really big today! Many have asked how we are doing and how can they pray for us and I hope this helps. Hopefully, I will be able to post some pictures and more specifics soon....hopefully!

Mikaela is now in Santa Cruz until November 25th. Things are going well and she is doing great. She is getting her blog set up soon, but wanted me to post her new address. (A BIG THANKS to those of you who sent her letters and packages-she LOVES hearing from friends and family!!)


May God grant you grace, wisdom and strength for today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I got a call from Mikaela last was so nice to hear her voice! We had a good 30 minute converstaon and she sounded great! The boys each got to talk to her and share about school, football and, of course, Charlie. We really miss her, but are so happy and excited for her!!!

The Ventana team arrived at Camp McCullough on Sunday night and are getting settled in for their 3 week stay there. She had a great time on her backpacking/rafting trip....which included jumping off a 35ft cliff into the water (big thing for her), cutting down a tree with a chainsaw (supervised, of course) and rafting for the first time...she loved it all. She gets along well with the other students and is looking forward to getting to know each of them better....I'm pretty certain that will happen whether she wants it to or not! They start bible classes today and will do service projects around the camp and in the community. Cell phone use is still limited until they return to Missions Springs in Santa Cruz, so I will post any and all details from future contact with my dear Mikaela. She said she wrote a really long letter telling me lots about the last two weeks, so I can't wait to get that and share some more with everyone! Here is her address if you would like to write to her:

Ventana Ministries, Mikaela Alexander
c/o Camp McCullough
20665 SE 264th Street
Covington, WA 98042

The Proud Mama,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Mikaela made it to San Diego last Tuesday around 1am. I know that because that's when she called me!!! The trip went ok, it was very looooong and she said she never wants to ride on a train ever again in her life!!! All the students had to hand over their cell phones to the staff leaders on Tuesday, so communication had been limited. Here is what I know:
The team took a couple days to travel up to Kidder Creek, near Mount Shasta in Northern CA. They were going on a four day backpacking trip, a two day rafting trip and then doing service projects at Kidder Creek for the last four days. Sounds like a great bonding time for the whole team. They will drive on Sunday, Sept 14th up to Camp McCullough in Covington, WA and stay until Sunday, Oct. 4th. She may not have her cell phone, but YOU CAN WRITE TO HER WHILE SHE IS THERE:

Ventana Ministries, Mikaela Alexander
c/o Camp McCullough
20665 SE 264th Street
Covington, WA 98042

I know she would love to get mail from her friends and family. We are missing her terribly...I can only imagine how much she must be missing us.....I can only imagine how much she must be missing her phone!!
Keep checking back here for updates. I will be sure and post any information I get from her as soon as I get it!!

Isaac is loving high school. He was so nervous when I dropped him off on his first day, I wasn't sure he would remember to breath! When he got home that evening, he was all smiles, told me he had friends in each of his classes, said the lunch food wasn't all that great and he had a lot of fun! I think he is off to a great start!

Pearce is missing Isaac tons, as well as Spencer and Mikaela. Thankfully, Charlie is home all day with him.....his new BFF! We are slowly adapting to a new routine here during the day and finding a schedule that works for "just the two of us"'s tough convincing him that summer is over and he needs to do school regardless of the summer weather! He is loving football and is pumped up for his first game this Saturday.

Spencer had quite the adventure getting up to school. As he was pulling out of the neighborhood, heading up to Newberg with his final load, his car jumped the curb he hit a tree! He is fine....however, the car and tree are not. (Still not sure how it happened....maybe just a little too eager to get out of here!) I was at the train station with Mikaela when this happened, so some dear friends came to his rescue, got the car "unstuck" and back to the house (thankfully, it was just two blocks away) and drove him up to school. He called one of his roommates to let him know what happened and that he would be arriving later than originally planned. By the time he got to school, half the campus knew about the accident....."Hey, Crash!" He is all settled in and staying very busy with his school least, that is what he tells me! We miss him but think of him many times throughout the day.....every time we pass the mound of dirt where the tree used to be! Laughter truly is good medicine for the soul!

Well, that's it for now. Thank you for your prayers as we continue on and in God's grace!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


BUSY, BUSY TIMES here at the Alexanders...most days it feels like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it...thus, the delay in the postings! But here is a full family update:

~She only has $200 left to meet her $8200 goal!! We are confident that this will be met by Friday...last minute donations are still coming in and Mikaela is for sure going! This has been an amazing adventure (more like a whirlwind) and a huge faith builder for not only Mikaela, but the whole family. Thank you to everyone who contributed financially, supported her in prayer and gave her just what she needed in encouraging words and notes!
~She will board the train this Sunday afternoon and travel down to San Diego with 5 other students from Portland. They will connect with the other 7 students and the 7 staff members on Sept 1st and then the real adventure begins!!
~Mikaela will create a blog soon (Ventana Ministries requirement) and I will post all the information here so you can follow her every move!
~All the students were sent a duffel bag and a packing list...whatever fits is what they get to bring. Earlier this week, Mikaela was so excited to find out that she did NOT have to pack her sleeping bag and pillow in the duffel bag!! "More room for clothes", was her quick and cheerful response!

~He is packing up and moving into his dorm apartment this Saturday and will start school on Monday, Sept 1st....a true Labor Day for him!
~He had a great time at Mt Hermon this summer, but was very ready to come home. He worked hard, learned a lot, met some great friends that he will keep in touch with, was asked to come back next year (I guess they liked him and his work) and is looking forward to his sophomore year at George Fox!
~Spencer continues to grow more handsome in appearance and kinder in spirit everyday. It has been a delight having him home and he will be missed as he heads off to school....but Isaac sure is excited to move into Spencer's room and claim it as his own!

~He has stayed very busy with football conditioning this summer and officially started team practice last week. He is very excited for the football season, misses his dad as his coach, but is carrying on and living out the legacy of 'BAND OF BROTHERS, WILL OF IRON and HEART OF FIRE' ! He has a jamboree this Friday to kick off the season and we will all go to watch him play!
~Isaac is all set to start his freshman year at Corvallis High School on Wed, Sept 3rd. This is his first school experience and is equally excited and nervous. He got the classes he wanted, has great teachers and is ready to learn and work hard.....I think the classroom is where he will get his hardest workout!

~He just finished the last of his antibiotic and is feeling stronger every day. He missed the first week of football but was able to go and observe this week's practice. He is so ready to go full force into everything, but he needs to pace himself and regain his strength slowly....a very challenging thing for Pearce to do!
~He is going into 7th grade and will be schooled here at home. Things will be very different this year with just Pearce at home during the day, but we are looking forward to a great year academically and spending quality time together....I'm sure that will involve lots of physical education and time at the gym!!

~Keeping it brief, this has been a crazy, busy difficult month for me in many ways...mostly just keeping up with the children's activities and meeting all their necessary needs and deadlines all at the same time....all by myself....very challenging physically, emotionally and mentally.
~I am looking forward to Sept, finding a routine that works for our new family situation and slowing down a bit....hopefully, that is possible.
~I want to get back to teaching at the club, but for many reasons, the time just hasn't been right. Hopefully, as we settle into a functional fall schedule, everything will be "just right" for teaching...and other things!

Please pray for our family, but especially for me, as we are entering into major family changes in the next few days and the weeks ahead. "Major changes" has been our family story the last year or so, and it appears to be the continuing theme for us. We are up for anything and ready for whatever lies ahead.....not only because we have a God who is FAITHFUL, CONSTANT AND NEVER CHANGES....but because we have such an amazing network of family and friends surrounding us. THANK YOU!